Is there a good breakfast without fresh pancakes or crunchy toast topped with delicious, colorful, sweet jam?
We can offer for your pleasure our SO GOOD smooth and shiny jams from fully ripened apricots, strawberries or blackberries.
Or you prefer to have pieces of fruit in your jams? Then our GOODIE range is the right choice for you!


Why not to combine delicious caramel topping with your favorite apple pie? You want an extra touch of rich chocolate topping on your favorite ice cream bowl?

Our toppings are made to enrich the flavor of your pancakes, ice cream, fruit bowls or pastries.
We can offer different fruit flavors like strawberry or dark forest fruit, wonderful caramel or exquisite chocolate flavor.

We pack them in 250 ml or 650 ml polypropylene bottles with drip off caps.


Tired of preparing fillings for your pies and pastries?Why not use ours rich and tasty sour cherry or apple filling?

You can fill your rolls with our light chocolate or delicious vanilla filling and enjoy them, no one will notice that you didn’t spend all day cooking!

We packed our fillings in 1 kg or 2.5 kg buckets—ready for use!