If you are in search for the maker of your own brand product – jam, jelly, preserve, topping, filling – we can offer you our services.
Tell us about your ideas, about your needs and goals. Ask about all the details. We will carefully listen, thoroughly analyze your requirements and try to give quick and precise answers to your questions.
We can offer you to choose the size and the shape of the jar or plastic bottle or bucket. You can choose the color of the lid, size, shape and paper quality of the labels...You can provide your own design, or let us to make the new look for you!

Let us know what is your choice of fruit. How much fruit do you want to use? How much sugar? Maybe you would like to go organic? Or add a bit of something exotic? Tell us what is the texture of the jam you want...
We will offer you the recipe and the samples.
Our production processes are flexible: we are able to do small batches for launching your new products, and then capable of keeping pace with an increase in orders.

We are IFS and HACCP certified. Our first IFS certificate we earned in the year 2011.
Our current cerificate number is GDO/19/394.